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Per Åkenes

Per Åkenes

Mail: per.aakenes@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 708 89 89 59

Per has been devoted to risk management during his whole career. With a MSc in aeronautics he embarked on the risk management path in 1976 joining a major insurer and becoming the head of its...

Risk Engineering department. Thereafter he became ”risk manager” for one of the largest Swedish multinationals. Before starting his own consultancy, he spent 10 years with a global broking house with focus on risk management and risk financing solutions. Per has during recent years been engaged as an advisor in risk issues within both industry and the public sector. He has been chairman of the Swedish Risk Management Association and has been awarded by the Federation of Swedish Enterprises for his devotion in bringing risk management thinking into Swedish companies. Per has been a board member of several captive insurance companies, both in Sweden and abroad.

Torgny Bogärde

Torgny Bogärde

Mail: torgny.bogarde@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 401 515 88 or +46 708 16 51 78

Torgny has until late 2005 been with the HeidelbergCement Group where he was head of Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management and is considered being one of the most experienced...

professionals in his field of ERM in Europe. He has previously held positions in major Swedish multinationals with responsibility for areas such as finance, treasury, strategy, governance and information security. Torgny is a Certified IIA Quality Assessor, deputy chairman of Swerma (Swedish Risk Management Association), and chairman of Swedemount AB (a fast growing sport and leisure-ware company) and board member of E.ON Nordic AB and Sparbanken Tanum.

Torbjörn Wikland

Torbjörn Wikland

Mail: torbjorn.wikland@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 725 31 80 30

Until late 2011 Torbjörn Wikland was Risk Manager at the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office. He has a long and deep experience of working in different Government agencies with auditing, controlling and development...

of risk management. He has worked as a practitioner and lecturer on risk management and translated the COSO Frameworks to Swedish. He is also author of book on intern control issued by the organizations for external and internal auditors. Torbjörn Wikland has also been chairman of the Swedish Branch of IIA.

Anders Bjärnehäll

Anders Bjanehäll

Mail: anders.bjarnehall@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 705 15 41 94

In 2008 Anders Bjärnehäll returned to Sweden after 12 years at Akzo Nobel’s corporate head office in the Netherlands where he as Director Risk Management was head of the multinational Chemicals and...

Coatings Group’s Risk and Insurance Management Department. During his leadership at Akzo Nobel implemented an Enterprise Risk Management program that has been ranked as one of the leading among industrial companies. Before moving to the Netherlands his career had been primarily in risk management and insurance including development of risk management programs for multinational companies as well as creating global insurance programs. With his vast multinational experience Anders Bjärnehäll is considered to be one of the most experienced individuals in the risk management field. He has received the “risk manager of the year”-award from the Swedish Risk Management Association.

Anders Hult

Anders Hult

Mail: anders.hult@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 733 97 2266

Anders was until June 2013 partner of Deloitte in Sweden; mainly engaged in major risk management and corporate governance assignments. His career has to a large extent been within public accounting where he…

has held specialist positions within risk and corporate governance. Anders has international experience from assignments in Toronto, Canada, (1985-87), and New York, USA (1997-99). Anders is a SWERMA and IFU Certified Risk Manager. His clients have mainly been among Swedish listed companies and large government owned organizations. He has issued a number of articles regarding corporate governance in the Swedish Accounting and Auditing Magazine “Balans”. Anders currently holds a position as the Chief Risk Officer at the Transport Administration which is a part of the Stockholm County Council.

Niklas Vangstad

Niklas Vangstad

Mail: niklas.vangstad@allevogroup.com

Phone: +46 735 16 71 78

Niklas provides consulting services within Governance, Risk and Compliance. He has over 15 years experience of managing projects to assess and implement risk- and control processes for international and national...

companies in a brad variety of industries. Niklas has previously worked with financial assurance and internal audit services at EY (Ernst & Young), with a focus on Sarbanes–Oxley Act and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. In recent years he has specifically focused on practical processes for internal control (COSO) and enterprise risk management (ERM). He has, for example, been acting Head of Internal Controls at ICA AB. Further, Niklas is a frequent speaker and knowledge provider at conferences and training sessions.