Do you really understand Risk?

Do you really understand risk?

Risk is illusive. In daily language it contains a negative connotation. Things that might go wrong. (“A four letter word.”) But seeking new opportunities entails risk; deciding which road to take into an unknown future. Risk is in the heart and blood of the business, and should be treated as such in all major decisions.

Managing risk is not just about assessing and monitoring all the things that could go wrong. It is also about understanding all the things that need to go right for an organization to achieve its mission and objectives.

Risk management should not only protect value; it must also support on-going value creation. Risks that are not part of the value creation process should be avoided.

The most used definition of RISK today is: RISK is “effect of uncertainty on objectives” (from ISO 31000).

How can Allevo contribute?

In all our work we focus on the organisation’s objectives and value creation ability (value chain). Our motto is focus and simplicity. Which means we focus on risks that matter. Keeping it as simple as reasonably possible to enhance understanding, transparency and communication.