Strategic Risks

Strategic Risks

These risks are at the core of the business and can make or break the enterprise. Studies show that the largest proportion of corporate failures stem from 1) a wrong strategic decision or 2) the failure to execute an agreed strategy.

Strategic planning has become more and more difficult when the world around us is changing in an ever increasing pace. What are customer’s demands end expectation in three years time? What’s the competition doing? Will there be new technological breakthroughs? How will international politics move? Do we have to pull back from any countries? Which assumptions have we made as basis for our current strategy? Are they still valid?

UERM principles should be embedded into strategy and business planning processes and support strategic decision making, strategy reviews and enable the organisation to execute agreed strategy and business plans.

How can Allevo contribute?

Our role is to brief the board, executive management and the strategy executive on modern risk management thinking and how it can be brought into strategy and the risk-reward equation.