Why Enterprise Risk Managment (ERM)?

Why Enterprise Risk Managment (ERM)?

The goal of ERM is to reinforce the achievement of objectives, i.e. create and protect stakeholder value. This is done by a change of mind-set regarding risk & reward and embedding processes that lead to improved information gathering, analysis and ranking of risks, which in turn leads to improved quality of decision making. Policies, frameworks, organisation, processes, technology etc are important; but most important are the actual outcomes.
“It’s important to take risks, but it’s idiotic to take them blindly” - Terry Levine

  • Supports structured risk-informed decision making udit Department
  • Creates a portfolio view of risks
  • Increases transparency of risk issues
  • Improves capital efficiency
  • Makes it easier to grab new opportunities
  • Helps stabilise results
  • Creates board comfort and confidence
  • Reduces operational surprises
  • Supports the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Uncovers areas of high-potential impact on assets
  • Strengthens investor confidence
  • Optimises allocation of capital and resources

How can Allevo contribute?

With our long practical experience as ERM-specialists we can help you and your organisation with every step of this journey.

  • Creating a common understanding (buy-in); presenting ideas and potential outcomes to the board, CEO, CFO, CAE and other key stakeholders.
  • Setting up organisation and resources.
  • Designing a plan / strategy for implementation.
  • Designing executive and board reports
  • Advising on Risk Policy and ERM-guidelines, and risk assessment tools
  • Structuring basic material for start-up (“establishing the context”)
  • Conducting a Risk Appetite-workshop with board and executive management
  • Facilitating top-down ERM-workshops with business areas and key support units

In addition we can act as advisors, supporting you and your organisation at any phase of your ERM journey.