Enterprise Risk
Management (ERM)

The Allevo team has outstanding experience and leadership from practical Enterprise Risk Management in major global operations, as well as from recent years’ ERM-consultancy towards major Nordic corporations.

We can support your organisation with all aspects of ERM implementation and development, as with any other risk-related issues you might have.

Dynamic Simulations

We have the capability, not only to simulate your P&L-account and Balance Sheet, related to opportunities and vulnerabilities, but also your production and supply chain risks. A dynamic business environment requires dynamic strategies and budgeting. Balance Sheet simulation should be a foundation for a discussion and evaluation of the organization’s Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance levels.

The simulations are conducted in corporation with our business partner Strategy@Risk Ltd.

Internal Audit

The Allevo team has long practical leadership experience from internal auditing in both major corporations and governmental institutions.

We can support your organisation with designing, building/developing an internal audit function or department.

Internal audit and the risk oversight/management functions go hand in hand. We promote a risk-based auditing scheme and can assist you in tailoring one.

One of our team members holds IIA-Certifications (IIA, International Institute of Internal Auditors), which means that we can audit your Internal Audit Department.

Internal Control

One of our team members, Torbjörn Wikland, has recently published a book on governance and internal controls (sorry, in Swedish only). He has also, on behalf of COSO and IIA translated the COSO frameworks to Swedish.

In light of our vast auditing and internal controls experience we can support your organisation with strategy, design and implementation of internal controls; or auditing the efficiency of existing controls.

Auditing Services

In light of our exams, certifications and vast experience we can conduct audits of your

  • ERM-processes
  • The Internal Audit Department
  • Internal Controls

ERM Software Selection

Most organisations start out their ERM-journey using standard off-the shelf software (predominantly spread-sheet programs). However with the vast amount of information that is produced and processed in top-down and bottom-up processed together with the action plans that needs to be followed through and monitored, more sophisticated technology support is required.

There are a large number of international software suppliers targeting the ERM/GRC-market. We monitor the leading ones on a continuous basis.

We can support you in finding the most appropriate ERM-software that fulfils your organisation’s needs.

Risk Transfer Strategies

We have several team members who has hands on experience heading up risk management departments in global manufacturing corporations. We have created global insurance programs, set up and managed direct and reinsurance captives. In light of our experiences we sit on the boards of several captive insurance companies.

Talk to us about running a professional risk management department and discuss strategies for risk retention and risk transfer.

We have partners with sophisticated simulation tools as well as deep actuarial competencies to support you with analytical studies.